Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Crab!

One of Art's client brought each of the guys at work a fresh crab.  The crab was alive & in a cooler to be taken home & cooked.  UGH!!!  The pincher's were rubber banded together; however, our crab was able to get one of his pincher's free.  Here is the process Art went through to cook our crab.  He printed off some directions on the internet on how to cook the crab.  We both like crab, but Art wasn't as fond of this one after it was cooked.  I melted some butter and enjoyed the fresh crab legs.

 Crab waiting in the freezer

 Art holding the crab with my rubber gloves.

 YUCK!!!! This part was NASTY & smelled horrendous!

Crab legs waiting for the butter!!!