Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 - 2 Year Anniversary

Today I celebrate 2 years of taking back control of my career and making one of the best decisions!!!! Last year I wrote about what a difference one year makes.  Two years later I still don't regret my decision of quitting my job!  I will celebrate this day for the rest of my life.  I stood up for  myself & I haven't stopped. I gained great confidence & keep pushin on!  My great Aunt Mary use to tell my grandma & mom I would one day be the first woman president.  I don't think I will be the first woman president (Hillary will probably beat me lol), but I know I can take on anything!


Angie said...

I think it's very interesting that Liz's last day at the job she quit--for reasons I won't post here :)--was March 31 of this year. :) Must run in the family!

Richard said...

Just saw Mom's comment...I thought the same thing. :) And my first day at my new job yesterday was AMAZING. :) So happy that I quit my old job!!