Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My poor suitcase!

Art reminded me of a funny story while taking me to the airport on Sunday.  Art was stationed in San Diego for 18 months while we were dating.  I flew down to visit him every 3-4 weeks.  I normally flew home on Monday morning bright & early.  One weekend I flew home on a Sunday evening.  We had extra time, so Art decided he was going to drive through the car wash.  Both of us forgot my suitcase was in the back of the truck.  When I arrived at the airport I yelled MY SUITCASE!!!! It was SOAKED!!!!  The suitcase was soaked, clothes, everything inside.  We laughed & laughed!  Luckily there was nothing inside that could get damaged. 

Years back at a former job I had to travel to another office to do some training.  I was dropping off my rental car & heading back to the office.  I had pulled my suitcase out of the car & put them in front of the car while I threw something away.  One of the workers got in the car to pull it forward.  They drove over top of my suitcase.  All I see is the car driving over a hump & a green suitcase come shooting out the back.  I was laughing hysterically! The car rental employees came rushing over all freaked out.  I no longer put my suitcase in front or behind the car.  I put my suitcase off to the side now.  Lesson learned!

I have had the same set of suitcases since my senior year of high school.  My set of suitcases have travel the country & still are holding up after being run over, run through a car wash, & man handled by airport baggage people. 


Graciepie said...

Oh my gosh. I would have been livid if my suitcase went through the car wash!!! That is hillarious!